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The Dark Knight Rises Teaser

<iframe src=”;byline=0&amp;portrait=0&#8243; width=”400″ height=”220″ frameborder=”0″></iframe><p><a href=”″>The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer</a> from <a href=”″>Caner Gelibolu</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Here’s the first teaser trailer (that I’ve seen) for next Summer’s Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.  Summer 2012 can’t get here soon enough, this one is looking to be just as epic as the last.


Toll Dodger Gets Slapped with Hefty Fine


Alfred Buono of Staten Island, NY didn’t like paying his tolls. Why? Maybe he couldn’t afford it, or maybe the man is just a rebel without a cause. In any case he stopped paying for them in March of 2003, and cruised through the EZ Pass lane without having an EZ Pass.

Normally when that happens, a notice is sent out asking for the missed payment along with a $25 fee for repeat offenders. Buono’s case is a little more excessive than that. The man has been dodging tolls for over eight years. Now, the authority managing the bridges/tunnels that connect New York and New Jersey want payment for 998 trips over Port Authority crossings.

Let’s see here 998 trips at $8 on peak, $6 off peak … Alfred owes $30,204.

There are several things that surprise me; first is that Buono has been getting away with this for over eight years. Second, it costs someone living in Staten Island nearly $4,000 per year to regularly visit New Jersey, and that someone actually wants to visit the greasiest state in the country an average 125 times every 12 months.

Several attempts have been made to get Buono to pay up, but his last address of record has someone else living in it. Fight the man Alfred!

Friday Night Pregame

Soon the GM and I will be sipping cold drinks out on Cape Cod celebrating the American Independence in style. And while we might not be able to post again until Tuesday, I’m in charge of tonight’s Friday Night Pregame, and believe I picked a true winner, as featured in the movie Rocky IV.

That’s right people, with all the songs out there about America, this one’s bound to put a smile on your face no matter what your politics are. So crank up the blenders, get yourself some cheap fireworks, and turn on “Living in America” by James Brown for a real celebration this weekend!

Friday Night Pregame 6/24/2011

This week’s Friday Night Pregame is dedicated to Whitey and the town where I will be spending my weekend. That’s right The GM is behind enemy lines, in Red Sox territory. Think I’ll be rocking the Yankees fitted with 2009 World Series Champions emblem? This blogger does. Hope everyone enjoys the weekend. We’ll be back Monday.

Oprah Gets What OJ Prosecution Couldn’t


It has been reported that O.J. Simpson will have an interview with the one and only Oprah. The sit down will be Simpson’s account of the night his wife was killed and he is expected to admit to stabbing his wife to death.

Apparently, Juice is a fan of Oprah and she has been in contact with him for the passed year trying trying to get an interview and a confession. Now, one of Oprah’s people says OJ contacted a producer of the famous talk show host’s struggling TV network. The conversation consisted of OJ explaining what happened. “Tell Oprah that yes, I did it. I killed Nicole, but it was in self defense. She pulled a knife on me and I had to defend myself,” he continued saying, “Before I knew what I was doing, I took the knife from Nicole and started slashing her. I cut her over and over again until she was lifeless. I was shocked by my own anger”. The altercation between the two was caused when OJ approached Nicole about her drug use and having sex with other men while in the same house as their kids.

OJ is serving a nine year jail sentence in Nevada for robbery and kidnapping which stem from events that occurred in 2008. Prior to this prison stint, OJ told the media that he had given up the search for Nicole’s killer. His search area was very limited however; between the greens of the first and eighteenth hole on the golf course.

If this insider turns out to be telling he truth and the interview happens the only thing that people will be surprised by is that Oprah managed to get the confession.

UMass Students to Face Fee Increase


The UMass Board of Trustees voted earlier this week 9-4 in favor of increasing student fees by 7.5%. The higher fees will increase the average cost of in state students by $826 per year.

Although many of the Trustees were reluctant to vote in favor of the fee hike, they found it necessary to preserve the educational integrity of the five campus university.

When the vote was passed, the trustees were greeted with boos and picket signs. Protestors lined up and chanted, “Education should be free – no cuts, no fees.”

The revenue brought in from the fee increase will total $26 million and will help handle the $54 million budget gap endured by the university, 29% of the funds will be used for financial aid.

Looks like I got out of UMass just in time. I remember fees going up every year I was there, but nothing close to 7.5%. Plus I was out of state, so that would have been quite an increase.

Obama Addresses the Nation

Last night President Obama spoke to the nation about his plan to withdraw our armed forces from Afghanistan and put an end to the War on Terror.  “The tide of war is receding,” he said.  Starting next month troops will begin coming home, and a total of 10,000 military men and women will be with their families by the end of the year.  By the end of next Summer, Obama states that his surge forces, 33,000 individuals, will be relieved of their duties.  The transition of complete withdrawal will be well under way, and the US will change roles from combative to supportive.  2014 is the year when Afghanistan will be entirely on its own

The US plays a pivotal role in assisting Afghanistan transition to a sovereign state, this much is undeniable.  But with everything else that is going on in our own country, it becomes difficult to warrant the astronomical cost of funding such a battle overseas.  The war has burdened America with expenses totaling over $1 trillion over the course of the decade, “Now we must invest in America’s greatest resource, our people.”  With crippling national debt, high unemployment and increased costs due to a weak value of the dollar we have our own problems which need to be fixed. Until our issues are resolved, the US will not be able to properly assist those who are truly in need.

Now that Bin Laden is dead, we should pull our troops out faster than the plan Obama has proposed.  How much of a difference can we expect to make in Afghanistan if we stay until 2014?  Bring our forces home so they can be with their families and out of harm’s way.  I just hope that we don’t get ourselves further involved in the decaying situations of Syria, Libya, Egypt, and Yemen.  2014 can’t get here soon enough, America is tired of war.