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Friday Night Pregame 7/8/2011

Shawn Chrystohper- The Hangover

I bet this will be the soundtrack to some your lives tomorrow morning/afternoon, but I’m sure it’ll all be well worth it. Lots to look forward to next week since yours truly will be making some changes to the site over weekend. See you all Monday.


The Candy Bar from Hell


Butterfinger introduced a parent’s worst nightmare… A chocolate bar with as much caffeine as an energy drink! Why? Because this is America and we don’t eat healthy. If a child eats one of these they will be exponentially more hyper active than eating your standard candy bar. I don’t even think Samuel L. Jackson reading a bedtime story would be able to put them to sleep

The Best Song Ever Gets Pulled from YouTube


I woke up to a nightmare this morning America. Every Friday for the last few months I would wake up and turn on my favorite song, “Friday” by Rebecca Black. When I started my Friday ritual today, instead of being greeted by the incredible lyrics and vocal talent of Ms. Black, all I saw was “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Rebecca Black. Sorry about that.”. NOOOOOOO! Why Rebecca?! Why would you do this to me?! Your viral hit song has been what gets me through the week, and now you want me to pay $2.99 for a YouTube rental? You’ve lost a fan and now I have to rethink what will he featured for tonight’s Friday Night Pregame.

Samuel L. Jackson takes on Childhood Insomnia


The animation quality’s a little shady on this video, but if you have children who have trouble going to sleep at times, I’d advise you listen to this classic children’s tale narrated by one of the finest actors in Snakes on a Plane.

Place Your Bets!


It just keeps getting worse for Anthony Weiner. More and more women are emerging with sexts from the government official, his fellow democrats AND President Obama are pushing for his resignation, and now the above picture of Weiner oiled up and in drag has been released.

Weiner initially told us that he would not resign, but after taking a leave of absence to seek professional help he has said that he will wait to talk in person with his wife, Huma Abedin, about the issue.

Abedin, who is pregnant with the couple’s first child, had been on a week long trip to Africa with Secretary of State Hilllary Clinton until last night. Oh what I would have done to be a fly on the wall to hear their conversations.

So what do you think? When will Weiner resign now that his wife is home? We’ll set the over-under at five business days.

Shakespeare’s Getting Some New Press

Commitment to Excellence, Shakespeare Style

Big news for all of you English nerds out there. A historian at Oxford, perhaps the most prestigious university in the world, has uncovered a connection between Shakespeare’s character Ophelia, from his most famous play Hamlet, and an actual child who died in 1569 only 20 miles away from Shakespeare’s hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

The link between the two characters, the fictional Ophelia, and the real-life Jane Shaxspere, arose when historians made the connection that Shaxspere died by drowning while picking “yelowe boddies,” or corn marigolds close to a mill pond. Ophelia, likewise, drowns in much the same fashion in the play, raising a suspicion that the two are connected.

While not earth-shattering for some, the discovery by Steven Gunn, a Professor of History at Oxford is stirring up all kinds of possibilities for English historians. One such possibility is that this could be a link proving that William Shakespeare is in fact the writer behind all of the works accredited to his name. Another is that Shakespeare, actually based his works on real people that he knew, or at least people of the time.

What’s more intriguing is that the name of the child, and the proximity of her death suggest that her and the world-famous writer might have actually been related. If this were the case another bridge could be connected here, further proving that it was indeed Shakespeare who wrote all the world masterpieces connected to him.

There are some holes, however, with the biggest being the fact that William Shakespeare would have only been five years old. Still, if the findings were to be true, it would also prove that while Shakespeare often cited and referenced the world’s greatest works up to the point of his lifetime, he also found it pertinent to put in trivial, local information as well, making him one of the first authors to find it amusing to do so (much like Chaucer).

So while it may not be your cup of tea, for those of us who love history and literature, the find was quite profound, and should only elaborated on within the coming years.

Scientist Discovers New Elements, Realizes You Might Not Care…

Even Einstein had a funny side.

A rather amusing story emerged when scientists discovered two new elements to be added to the periodic table. And before you even ask, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, something comical can emerge from a story line as boring as the periodic table.

Ever since high school chemistry class, we know that the periodic table isn’t exactly the most fun-filled, or even action-packed, element (pun intended) in a high school education. Still, the group of scientists who founded the element, led by chemist Ken Moody of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, are having fun with the discovery. But instead of focusing on the process of naming the elements, or even how they were discovered in interviews, Moody is recognizing the fact that most people, simply don’t care.

Moody admitted that he doesn’t tell people what he does at cocktail parties “because people don’t generally invite you back.” Instead Moody jokes around his profession, while continuing to give his best in the office, producing such impressive results as discovering two new elements. This is comforting as well as funny because it reminds us that not all scientists are nerds stuck up in their labs, but are real people who attend parties and joke around about their achievements just like the rest of us. It’s comforting to know that even if he’s groundbreaking in scientific circles, he’s still a down-to-earth kind of guy.

So I think Dr. Moody deserves a sincere “Thank You,” from all of us, but not for discovering these two new elements. We should thank him for his understanding that many people will simply not care about his discovery, and the fact that he comically shrugs off this inevitably while continuing to pursue his passion. That’s commitment that should be recognized for sure.