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Another Hollywood A-Lister to hit the Marine Corps Ball

Our crack news team here at No Genre Daily has been scouring the airwaves waiting for a follow-up on the story that we broke here on Wednesday morning about Mila Kunis attending the Marine Corps Ball on November 18. Don’t worry, she still appears to be attending, but what we also found out was that her co-star Justin Timberlake, who exclaimed in interviews that the Marine Ball “didn’t want me,” has also been asked to the ball, and in splendid fashion.

Like her Marine Corps counterpart, Cpl. Kelsey De Santis filmed a YouTube video asking Timberlake to a separate ball, her’s being held in Washington D.C. on November 12. But instead of just videotaping a request, De Santis dressed it up, directly calling out Timberlake, in essence daring him to come.

“You want to call out my girl Mila, well I’m gonna call you out and ask you to come to the Marine Corps Ball with me on November 12 in Washington D.C.,” De Santis said in the interview, hinting at the fact that it was Timberlake that largely contributed to Kunis admitting, on air and during the interview, that she would oblige the request of her and attend. But just in case it wasn’t too clear, De Santis one-upped the simple request, and included a personal dig directed at Timberlake.

“And if you can’t go,” De Santis warned, “all I have to say is ‘Cry Me a River.'”

Props to you, Kelsey De Santis, not only did you manage to one-up the ballsy Marine who succeeded in asking out a totally hot Hollywood A-list actress, but you likely are scored a date in the process with one of the most eligible bachelors in America. Well done.

(By the way, our girl’s a Sox fan, so get on that JT!)


She Said Yes!

What if I told you that you had a chance with world-famous Black Swan actress Mila Kunis? You’d think I was crazy right? That’s probably exactly what Marine Corps Sgt. Scott Moore’s buddies were saying to him when he came up with the idea to send a recorded message out on Youtube asking the gorgeous actress to attend the annual Marine Corps Ball with him. But instead of never hearing of it again, Moore now has the hottest date at the ball, and all because he had the gall to send out a video message. Oh well, and a little help from Justin Timberlake.

Kunis’s newest co-star Timberlake actually informed the actress of the video’s existence. Not only that, but instead of laughing it off and resuming the interview, Timberlake insisted that Kunis go to the ball, held in Greensboro, North Carolina on November 18. Timberlake pressed further still, stating Kunis needed to “do it for her country,” even though she was not born in America.

Still, the military-friendly actress obliged, and will be present and accounted for come November. This isn’t just a great story about a guy taking a chance, however, but also great to see that celebrities can give back to help troop morale in more than just sappy television commercials asking you to donate money. Kunis’s presence at this ball is bound to inspire an injection of good spirit into all who attend, or at least give them something pleasant to gawk at. Well, done Mila, well done.

The Hoff to Star in Sons of Anarchy


Everyone’s favorite lifeguard and cheeseburger eating drunk, David Hasselhoff, has been casted to star in the upcoming season of Sons of Anarchy.

Hoff’s character, Dondo, is a former porn star turned producer. Sounds like he will be partnering with Luann Delaney to run SAMCRO’s porn studio.

I see a lot of comic relief from this new character. How could the Hoff playing a well endowed former porn star be anything short of hilarious?

LaBeouf Makes a Bold Stand

While the news may not be entirely too shocking to some (especially those who have seen the latest installment of the Transformers movie trilogy) lead actor Shia LaBeouf announced today that he wouldn’t be interested in filming anymore as character Sam Witwicky. LaBeouf didn’t give many reasons for the sudden change, and actually went as far as to say that he loves the movies, the cast, the crew, and even director Michael Bay. Still, LaBeouf admits that he’s done with the movies because he can’t see his character moving forward, admitting that “he’s already saved the world twice.”

While I haven’t seen the latest Transformer movies because I’ve never been a huge Shia LaBeouf fan (there I said it) I’m applauding him on this one. Too many actors simply look to cash in on these megastar roles. And while LaBeouf is in no danger of being typecast, having been in such blockbuster hits as Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Eagle Eye, he’s still leaving the possibility of a lot of money on the table to step away from a role that he’s simply bored with. On top of this, LaBeouf is also challenging the comic book world here, even though he stated that the series is still “hot” and predicted more movies would be made.

By attacking the lack of development of his character moving forward, LaBeouf is making a stand here against the creative development of characters instead of just cashing in. I’m all for superhero movies, and love most of them, but here I agree with LaBeouf because you can’t just make movies and hope they sell, you should put thought and development into them. For example, the recent Batman series, including Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, hasn’t moved at pace as fast as some others. But, by waiting for the writing and cinematography to develop fully, these movies became the best comic books movies of all time because people can relate to them as dramatic movies, not just “hero” movies.

So while Shia LaBeouf may be snubbing his nose up at a few million dollars in the process, the 25-year old is making the right decision here by not playing a nerdy “kid-nxt-door” type that he’s clearly outgrown. He’s certainly turned the expectations I had about him around, but also seems to be getting out of the Transformer dynasty at the right time, as the movie opened to a 40% opening night decrease from the second installment of the series, and is getting atrocious reviews from most critics. I can’t guarantee I’ll be seeing that movie anytime soon, but I will be taking a second look at movies I had passed up that LaBeouf has been in, and encourage you to do the same because he’s apparently a lot more mature than we may have wanted to give him credit for.

Hey Chris Hansen, Why Don’t You Have a Seat


Chris Hansen is best know as host of “To Catch a Predator”. In a twist of fate this week, Hansen found himself on the wrong end of a hidden camera sting operation.

Instead of telling perverts armed with a six pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade to, “Have a seat,” Hansen was secretly video taped on a scandalous date with a Florida news reporter who is twenty years his junior. Chris has been working in Southern Florida investigating the disappearance of James “Jimmy T” Tidade while his wife and two sons reside in Connecticut.

Hey Chris, why don’t you have a seat over there and spell irony for me?

Bieber Redeems Himself with Obama’s Help

While a critiqued the young Justin Bieber in an earlier post for reaching out to kids out in remote reaches of the world before reaching out to young Americans, the pop-star must have heard me because he has since turned his attention to helping one particular fan cope with the loss of her father.

Payton Wall had sent hundreds of letters out, to both Bieber directly as well as Hollywood executives relating the story of how Bieber’s movie “Never Say Never” extremely helped her cope with the loss of her father, who died tragically in 9/11. Finally, with no one else to turn to, Wall sent an e-mail to President Barack Obama himself. Amazingly, she not only received a response, but a direct call from the White House. Obama, moved by her story, pledged to do what he could to get Bieber to meet with her, and he backed up his word.

Bieber met with the young girl while promoting his new line of fragrances at Macy’s, a move that although wasn’t particularly out of his way, moved Wall’s whole world, as she now wants to share her own story of hardship in hopes that it will help others. So hats off to you on this one Biebs for personally inspiring a young girl and spurring her on to give back to the world in a positive way. I can’t say I’ve seen the Bieber documentary yet, but if its this moving I just might have to. I mean, what if it inspires me so much that I could even become the next Justin Bieber, helping out girls at fragrance releases in New York City? Hey, I can dream can’t I?

Lohan Still Crazy as Ever

Two recent developments fell onto to current Lindsay Lohan situation in the past few days, and, as one would predict, they are not only ridiculous, but just point to how far she really has fallen in the past couple of years.

The young actress, or whatever she’s paid to do these days, started breaking back into the news after she stunned the Today Show, by canceling on Matt Lauer only a short while before the interview was set to begin. A steamed Lauer took to the stage and instead of holding back and making up an excuse for her, denounced Lohan saying that she had in fact simply stood him up and refused to appear on the show. Seems fair enough until it was revealed that Lohan’s representatives insisted that she be paid upwards of $100,000 just to appear on the show.

I know her story’s entertaining and all, mainly because we are all wondering how far she can fall, but that’s just ridiculous. I can’t imagine a show like the Today Show needing to pay that much to get any has-been celebrity on, much less one who continually flakes on everything she does, including her rehab plans (more on that in a bit). Plus, what kind of audience does she think the show even has? Do her representatives really think that people are pining to hear her speak about all the terrible things she’s done to herself and her family in the recent months? If so, she needs to get some people who are more connected to the pulse of entertainment.

On top of all of this, Lohan one-upped herself by failing a court-administered drug test while she’s on house arrest. As embarrassing as this would have been, she made matters worse by claiming that a favorite tea of her contains alcohol, and insists that she hasn’t taken a drink of wine, beer or liquor since being on house arrest. But we can take her word for it, right? I mean it’s not like she stole a necklace and lied about it, garnering her house arrest in the first place or anything.

Even as I’m writing this now, I’m sick of hearing all of these celebrities complain about their lives, and “how hard they have it.” Just like the NFL athletes looking to expand their already fat wallets, you people need to grow up and take a look around you. I’d love to see what would have happened to Lohan if she were simply some minimum-wage worker struggling to get by. You people need to take off your blinders and realize how hard real Americans work, or at least how much they have to pay for it when they make the exact same mistakes. Stop crying and whining, own up to what you’ve done and move on, this is just getting ridiculous.