Time Travel, a Thing of the Past

It appears as though, no matter how much money any of us have, we will never be able to steer the Titanic away from that iceberg, catch Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” in person, or even just regain a little dignity by correcting those nights in college that got a little too out of hand. Scientists from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology shut the door on all possible time travel today, making it solely a thing of the imagination.


After an intensive study into the relationship between light and physics, the researchers concluded that the speed of a photon, the smallest unit of light, can never travel faster than light itself. What this boils down to is that “an effect cannot occur before its cause.” And though they did not rule out travel across great distances in the universe through wormholes one day, they advised that this kind of travel would not allow you to bend time so much as distance. So, in the simplest terms imaginable, we’ll never be able to time travel. Bummer.


What could be most impressive about this particular study, however, is not that the scientists are killing my dream of drinking with F. Scott Fitzgerald, but that they’re actually coming to a conclusion that Einstein reached years and years ago. Brilliant as he was, Einstein obviously didn’t have the same kind of technology (or funding) that we do today, so no one was ever sure of whether or not his speculation that time travel was impossible was true, until now.


So while it may be a real let down for the rest of us, kudos to Einstein today for not only being able to solve the quandary of time travel, but for doing it light years ahead of his time (pun intended).


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