U.S. Women have Hope, and That’s Reason Enough to Watch

I know I speak for more than a few soccer fans who, while captivated by the U.S. Men’s World Cup run not too long ago, have only tuned into this year’s Women’s World Cup to simply catch glimpses of perhaps the most beautiful female athlete in the world, U.S. goalie Hope Solo. But if even we haven’t been the most committed of fans yet, there’s still plenty of time to tune into the World Cup final and jump on the U.S. bandwagon, and not just to gawk at Hope.

This year’s team has proved its resiliency time and time again, including bouncing back from their first group stage defeat in years to beat a world-class Brazil team in a come-from-behind win that was both riveting, and indicative of what kind of team the U.S. women were. The game showed both what we already knew, that the U.S. team is talented (after all they came in as the favorite to be runner-up to the host nation of Germany, who had one the last two World Cups) and more. The game also showed that this team has heart, and won’t give up at any cost, even after the world’s best player has put one in on your gorgeous goal keeper.

The United States further showed this resiliency on Wednesday when they were able to put away a French team that wouldn’t lay down and die either. Led by savvy veterans, including a multi-faceted goal scorer in Abby Wambach and midfield spark plug Meghan Rapinoe, and injected with a lot of youthful energy, this U.S. team is not only the favorite to win against a surprising Japanese team, but could do it in very exciting fashion.

So, heading into this weekend, have some fun and do whatever you’d normally do, but just keep in mind that there’s a United States team up for a World Championship that only comes around every four years. And for most of your people who will read this article after having never even seen any of the World Cup games this year, don’t feel like its too late to jump on the U.S. Women’s bandwagon. Do yourself a favor and tune in to ESPN at 2 p.m. (EST) to support the women’s team. After all, at worst you’ll at least get to catch a glimpse of Hope Solo and see what all the fuss is about.


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