Casey Anthony Not Done Yet

Apparently for all of those people (and there are millions) thinking that Casey Anthony got off way too easy after being accused of killing her own daughter, there’s some comforting news on the horizon. In a rare turn of events, Anthony may have to actually pay for admitting that she lied to authorities and not in further jail time, either, but in cold hard cash.

Tim Miller is even angrier than most over the outcome of the Anthony case, which saw her ultimately evade all responsibility over the death of her daughter Caylee. Miller is not a family member, or even a prosecutor, but the founder of Equusearch, the company that was charged with finding the minor alive.

Miller claims that Anthony knew her daughter was dead the entire time that his company spent upwards of $100,000 trying to find her. He reasonably believes that she lied to him in the summer of 2008 when he personally visited her house to assure her that her daughter would be found, just like she lied to federal investigators (the only crime she was actually convicted of).

The Equusearch owner isn’t just seeking the money that his company lost, however. Instead he’s also after the peace of mind lost by the families that he feels his company could have been helping instead of searching for a child he claims Casey Anthony already knew was dead. But before you think this seems far-fetched, its been reported that Anthony has been offered up to and over $1 million to appear on The Jerry Springer Show, among others. So if she’s going to be dealt that kind of money simply to face the nation, I think it only seems reasonable that Miller get his money back (though I truly hope the money does end up in the hands of the families whose loved ones were lost while time was wasted looking for the already-deceased Caylee Anthony).


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