Another Hollywood A-Lister to hit the Marine Corps Ball

Our crack news team here at No Genre Daily has been scouring the airwaves waiting for a follow-up on the story that we broke here on Wednesday morning about Mila Kunis attending the Marine Corps Ball on November 18. Don’t worry, she still appears to be attending, but what we also found out was that her co-star Justin Timberlake, who exclaimed in interviews that the Marine Ball “didn’t want me,” has also been asked to the ball, and in splendid fashion.

Like her Marine Corps counterpart, Cpl. Kelsey De Santis filmed a YouTube video asking Timberlake to a separate ball, her’s being held in Washington D.C. on November 12. But instead of just videotaping a request, De Santis dressed it up, directly calling out Timberlake, in essence daring him to come.

“You want to call out my girl Mila, well I’m gonna call you out and ask you to come to the Marine Corps Ball with me on November 12 in Washington D.C.,” De Santis said in the interview, hinting at the fact that it was Timberlake that largely contributed to Kunis admitting, on air and during the interview, that she would oblige the request of her and attend. But just in case it wasn’t too clear, De Santis one-upped the simple request, and included a personal dig directed at Timberlake.

“And if you can’t go,” De Santis warned, “all I have to say is ‘Cry Me a River.'”

Props to you, Kelsey De Santis, not only did you manage to one-up the ballsy Marine who succeeded in asking out a totally hot Hollywood A-list actress, but you likely are scored a date in the process with one of the most eligible bachelors in America. Well done.

(By the way, our girl’s a Sox fan, so get on that JT!)


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