She Said Yes!

What if I told you that you had a chance with world-famous Black Swan actress Mila Kunis? You’d think I was crazy right? That’s probably exactly what Marine Corps Sgt. Scott Moore’s buddies were saying to him when he came up with the idea to send a recorded message out on Youtube asking the gorgeous actress to attend the annual Marine Corps Ball with him. But instead of never hearing of it again, Moore now has the hottest date at the ball, and all because he had the gall to send out a video message. Oh well, and a little help from Justin Timberlake.

Kunis’s newest co-star Timberlake actually informed the actress of the video’s existence. Not only that, but instead of laughing it off and resuming the interview, Timberlake insisted that Kunis go to the ball, held in Greensboro, North Carolina on November 18. Timberlake pressed further still, stating Kunis needed to “do it for her country,” even though she was not born in America.

Still, the military-friendly actress obliged, and will be present and accounted for come November. This isn’t just a great story about a guy taking a chance, however, but also great to see that celebrities can give back to help troop morale in more than just sappy television commercials asking you to donate money. Kunis’s presence at this ball is bound to inspire an injection of good spirit into all who attend, or at least give them something pleasant to gawk at. Well, done Mila, well done.


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