New List Highlights Most Hyped Cities

For all those who have ever said jokingly that the “South will rise again,” a new list put out by Forbes Magazine may prove that to be the truth.

The good folks at Forbes, known for their in-depth analysis of not just how to make money, but where it’s easiest to find the opportunity to make, have put out a new list that projects what cities might become this generation’s “boom-towns.” Not so surprisingly, many of the largest cities (including those in the Northeast) didn’t make the cut. But what’s alarming to some, and comforting to others, is that the list is dominated by Southern cities. In fact, of the top ten listings, only one isn’t found in the traditional boundaries of the American South. But even this one, Phoenix, Arizona, is not Northern by any means.

The judging this year was based on many categories that cities in the American South are known for. For example, low cost of living, including great pricing on larger homes and land, lead the way for many economists. But other factors, such as the influx in immigration to cities like Austin, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina (numbers 1 and 2 on the list) reflect the spread of culture not widely associated with the Southland.

More surprisingly still, is that cities like Nashville (No. 3), Houston (No. 4) and San Antonio (No. 5) are not only experiencing cultural infusions but creative ones as well as many educated professionals, including everything from artists to professors, are finding better pay and opportunities in these cities. They are venturing out from traditional hotspots like San Francisco (which fell into the low 40’s) and New York (dropping to 35) and claiming their places early. Even a city as culturally diverse as Los Angeles fell extremely far, to number 47 in the latest rankings, because of the largest decrease in children’s population in the country, as well as the tightening of government regulations on businesses.

Don’t be too concerned, though, if you’re not ready to buy into the whole Nashville as a powerful metropolis in the next coming years. Don’t think, either, that you can’t make a name for yourself in a town like Chicago (tied with Los Angeles for 47th overall). But do keep in mind where the economic flow seems to be spreading so that when people emerge from the South rich and educated, you’re not so shocked.


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