51 States?

Though it’s certainly not the first time that someone has suggested secession, the latest proposal, coming from Riverside (Ca.) County Supervisor Jeff Stone, could be the most ridiculous. Stone is now suggesting that 13 counties secede from the state of California and form the state of…South California. Okay, so while the name may not be too impressive, the idea is actually carrying some weight with local residents.

Stone’s proposal is aimed directly at democratic lawmakers, whose “liberal agenda,” as he calls it, is ruining the state government by overfunding the wrong programs, resulting in tax hikes and corporations leaving the state. One such example, Stone explains, came when bans on plastic bags spread to Los Angeles, effectively eliminating jobs when three companies were forced to close as a direct result. This illustrates why Stone has left Los Angeles off his list, but he went on to explain it further.

“The last thing I want to do is create a state that’s a carbon copy of what we have now,” Stone said when defending his decision to not include Los Angeles. Stone went on to state that to emulate the democratic legislature in Sacramento, or create another version of the same California that he is apparently fed up with is unacceptable and not the point of this proposal at all.

So what do those serving in real government positions think about Stone’s plan? Well, that its not only far-fetched, but ultimately stupid.

“It’s a supremely ridiculous waste of everybody’s time,” Gil Duran, a spokesperson for California’s current Democratic governor Jerry Brown, said, adding to the consensus that seems to be following this push for statehood.

Still, with California being one of the many states not meeting their state budgets, the scariest part of this whole suggestion may just be that somehow it could eventually gain momentum with voters.


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