Fan Who Caught Jeter’s 3,000th Hit Will Meet the Tax Man


Christian Lopez, a New York native and die hard Yankees fan has been on top of the world since Saturday. The 23 year old was lucky enough to catch Derek Jeter’s 3,000 career hit as it sailed over the left field fence into the bleachers. Many people would have held the ball for ransom or attempted to auction it off to the hightest bidder. Not Lopez, who unselfishly gave the ball back to Jeter without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

The Yankees however, would not let such a gesture go unrewarded. Lopez was given luxury suite tickets for the remainder of the regular and post season, as well as several pieces of autographed memorabilia.

Like anyone riding high after winning it big on “The Price is Right,” Lopez will have to pay taxes on gifts totaling around $32,000. He will now have an additional $5,000-$13,000 income tax to pay on top of his $100,000 student loan debt.

I like to think of the IRS as Paulie from one of my favorite movies, “Goodfellas”. Now that Lopez received all these expensive gifts he’s gotta come up with the IRS’s money… Business bad? @$&! you pay me. Oh you had a fire? @$&! you pay me. Place got hit by lightning? @$&! you pay me. Only difference for Lopez is he can’t light a match to burn down his debt problems.

Given the fact that $5,000-$13,000 is pennies to the Yankees or Jeter I expect them to help pay the tax, but only time will tell.


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