Toll Dodger Gets Slapped with Hefty Fine


Alfred Buono of Staten Island, NY didn’t like paying his tolls. Why? Maybe he couldn’t afford it, or maybe the man is just a rebel without a cause. In any case he stopped paying for them in March of 2003, and cruised through the EZ Pass lane without having an EZ Pass.

Normally when that happens, a notice is sent out asking for the missed payment along with a $25 fee for repeat offenders. Buono’s case is a little more excessive than that. The man has been dodging tolls for over eight years. Now, the authority managing the bridges/tunnels that connect New York and New Jersey want payment for 998 trips over Port Authority crossings.

Let’s see here 998 trips at $8 on peak, $6 off peak … Alfred owes $30,204.

There are several things that surprise me; first is that Buono has been getting away with this for over eight years. Second, it costs someone living in Staten Island nearly $4,000 per year to regularly visit New Jersey, and that someone actually wants to visit the greasiest state in the country an average 125 times every 12 months.

Several attempts have been made to get Buono to pay up, but his last address of record has someone else living in it. Fight the man Alfred!


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