The Flying Car Gets Approved


In 2012, for around $250,000 you can own a flying car. I’m already saving my pennies and my diet will consist of nothing but ramen for the next several months.

The “Transition” by Terrafugia received the seal of approval to be sold to the public as a viable source of ground and air transportation. The Transition is capable of reaching air speeds of 115mph, has a range of 450 miles and gets a very surprising 35 miles per gallon on the road (better than my Subaru). The 19′ long two Seater has a wingspan of 26′ which takes less than 60 seconds to fold into driving mode.

The MIT engineers who designed the plane-mobile didn’t skimp on safety either. Automotive style airbags, an energy absorbing crumple zone, and a carbon fiber occupant safety cage have all been featured. There is also a vehicle parachute in case there are in flight malfunctions. I think that’s a safer alternative than an ejection seat; we all know how using one of those ended for Goose… RIP

So next year if you look into the sky and see a small plane with the NGD logo on the tail-fin, you’ll know that Nick and I have left the newsroom for our lunch break.


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