Minnesota Shuts Down

Just on the brink of the 4th of July weekend and many Minnesota residents will be plenty disappointed when they pack there car and head out for vacation. Any of them hoping to visit one of the many beautiful state parks offered in Minnesota will instead be met with closed gates and signs telling them to simply turn around and go home. The cause of the enormous inconvenience came when the Republicans and Democrats couldn’t agree on how to remedy the $5 billion decifit that the state knew they were going to face since the end of the last fiscal year. Not only affecting the state parks, though, many government employees have been laid off with no way of knowing when they will be able to go back to work.

This should sound familiar to most, though, as the federal government was forced to go through a shutdown of their own not too long ago. Still, with the knowledge that such a predicament was coming, one has to wonder how this all unfolded like it did? And when will Minnesota get its act together and get people back to work.

Predictably, both parties are blaming each other. Democrats are maintaining that the deficit was left by Minnesota’s former governor and current Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty maintains that if he were still governor the situation would have been remedied, and even says that a shutdown like this could be good in the long term, teaching the government to “live within its means.” Yet, during Pawlenty’s term, the Minnesota state government also shut down, so apparently his logic’s a little faulty there.

Ultimately, the government shutdown’s going to last well beyond this weekend, so people should be wary and make other plans to celebrate their fourth of July (and likely the rest of the summer). Even college kids need to worry because as the shutdown continues no classes can be conducted, and therefore many might fall behind who were thinking of taking summer classes to get ahead.

The solutions are currently on the table, with the Republicans hoping that Democrats will authorize casinos and other tax breaks for business to come back to the state. Democrats, led by current Governor Mark Dayton, on the other hand, hope that this won’t be necessary if they simply up the taxes on couples making over $300,000 per year and individuals making $180,000. However they get this compromise doesn’t matter to me at all, though. Instead, I hope they soon realize that while not doing their job they’re preventing many other, poorer Americans for doing theirs. So get it together Minnesota State Senate and let the people get back to work!


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