LaBeouf Makes a Bold Stand

While the news may not be entirely too shocking to some (especially those who have seen the latest installment of the Transformers movie trilogy) lead actor Shia LaBeouf announced today that he wouldn’t be interested in filming anymore as character Sam Witwicky. LaBeouf didn’t give many reasons for the sudden change, and actually went as far as to say that he loves the movies, the cast, the crew, and even director Michael Bay. Still, LaBeouf admits that he’s done with the movies because he can’t see his character moving forward, admitting that “he’s already saved the world twice.”

While I haven’t seen the latest Transformer movies because I’ve never been a huge Shia LaBeouf fan (there I said it) I’m applauding him on this one. Too many actors simply look to cash in on these megastar roles. And while LaBeouf is in no danger of being typecast, having been in such blockbuster hits as Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Eagle Eye, he’s still leaving the possibility of a lot of money on the table to step away from a role that he’s simply bored with. On top of this, LaBeouf is also challenging the comic book world here, even though he stated that the series is still “hot” and predicted more movies would be made.

By attacking the lack of development of his character moving forward, LaBeouf is making a stand here against the creative development of characters instead of just cashing in. I’m all for superhero movies, and love most of them, but here I agree with LaBeouf because you can’t just make movies and hope they sell, you should put thought and development into them. For example, the recent Batman series, including Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, hasn’t moved at pace as fast as some others. But, by waiting for the writing and cinematography to develop fully, these movies became the best comic books movies of all time because people can relate to them as dramatic movies, not just “hero” movies.

So while Shia LaBeouf may be snubbing his nose up at a few million dollars in the process, the 25-year old is making the right decision here by not playing a nerdy “kid-nxt-door” type that he’s clearly outgrown. He’s certainly turned the expectations I had about him around, but also seems to be getting out of the Transformer dynasty at the right time, as the movie opened to a 40% opening night decrease from the second installment of the series, and is getting atrocious reviews from most critics. I can’t guarantee I’ll be seeing that movie anytime soon, but I will be taking a second look at movies I had passed up that LaBeouf has been in, and encourage you to do the same because he’s apparently a lot more mature than we may have wanted to give him credit for.


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