I No Longer Want to Trek Through the Rainforest


My entire life I have wanted to go on a voyage through the jungle to see the exotic wildlife and maybe even interact with an indigenous tribe. Matthew Scheurich, a 28 year old Australian man, and his anthropologist girlfriend had similar desires.

Scheurich’s girlfriend was in Papua, New Guinea studying the Febi tribe for her doctorate thesis. The French woman must be a looker, because one if the tribesmen decided he wanted to marry her. Apparently a Febi engagement proposal does not consist of getting down on one knee and offering a diamond ring.

A tribesmen approached her and Scheurich attempted to intervene. The would be protection resulted in being stabbed with two arrows and being bludgeoned with a rock. Primitive, yet effective. The attacker then turned his attention to Scheurich’s girlfriend who was sexually assaulted, bitten, scratched and bruised. The two were rescued when she was able to engage her emergency locator beacon.

Scheurich nearly died from the attack. One arrow penetrated his ribcage and the wall of his stomach; narrowly missing the vital aorta artery. The other arrow split another artery and the two wounds caused him to lose several liters of blood. After an emergency blood transfusion and surgery, his wounds are now being treated for infection.

Alright lets go ahead and cross that jungle trek off my bucket list.


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