Excuse Me Officer, You Forgot Your AR-15


Two highly trained Seattle police officers kind of flubbed while on the job earlier today. During their patrol they walked away from their squad car, completely forgetting to put their armed AR-15 assault rifle back in the trunk. When they returned they again did not notice the gun sitting idly on the back of their vehicle and began to drive away. A pedestrian saw the vehicle moving with the rifle on the trunk and stopped the policemen before anyone was injured.

Hopefully these cops don’t receive punishment more harsh than unpaid suspension. This was a mistake, albeit one that could have ended with a much worse outcome, but we need to remember that these two are human. Or maybe this was a sting operation… Maybe the ATF purposely left the gun there as part of Operation Fast and Furious! That must be it. This so called “good samaritan” totally blew ATF’s cover… Stupid


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