Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Texas, faced with a budget crisis like most other American states, decided recently that they weren’t just going to take what the government was giving them, but instead would supplement their income. But what on earth could they do to raise $25 million dollars over the next five years? If you guessed drugs, you’d be close, as it’s something almost as ridiculous, really.

State officials recently hired a private auctioning company to raise the money by auctioning off vanity license plates. You know, the kind that rich people like to slap onto the back of their cars and parade around with to show you that they either have a sense of humor…or just to point out the obvious.

At first, this seems like a terrible idea, until you realize that people have paid thousands for license plates that state such obvious things as “PORSCHE” (which sold for a whopping $7,500). What’s more is that people will pay the money, viewing it as a necessary “investment” to the amount of money that they have already put into the car on which they’re placing it. Take for example a doctor in Dallas, recently granted American citizenship who paid $3,000 for a license plate that said “America” commemorating the event (ironically he placed it on his Ferrari). What’s more is that while this is the first of its kind in America, the policy has been widespread across the world. The highest price paid for an individual license plate, by they way, was a whopping $14.3 million for a license plate that simply read “1” by a businessman in Abu Dhabi.

With estimates claiming that other states could also turn huge profits, I think it’s about time somebody’s finally putting the eccentricity of those with way too much money to good use. I mean if someone’s really willing to bid so much just for a vanity plate, why not let them? Sure the money could be better placed at some well-deserving charity, but investing it back into the state budget is a close second, saving American tax dollars by doing so. So while at first it seemed that Texas was just grasping at a way to make more money here, perhaps they’re onto something more. After all, instead of just charging what used to cost $5, why not capitalize and raise the bar to a few thousand? Everything, even the cost of buying vanity plates, really is bigger in Texas.

Here’s some funny plates as a bonus (I wonder how much these cost?):


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