Whitey Looking Light (in the Wallet)

Like any credible news outfit, we here at No Genre try to follow up on all of our stories, so I walked down to our vast newsroom bullpen to see if our lackeys had come up with anything new on the recent Whitey Bulger situation. Okay, so maybe it was me watching the news this morning, but research is still research right?

Anyway, in a crazy recent development, quite the judicial quagmire emerged up in Boston. Bulger’s maintaining that he can’t afford a lawyer without the money that the FBI seized when arresting him, and is asking for a public defender, to be paid for a the expense of the tax payers. The judge in the case, on the other hand, is maintaining that Bulger has hidden assets, presumably all over the world, and thus does not need to be wasting the public funds of Massachusetts. The situation has been made even worse in recent days as Bulger has done nothing but talk since his arrival back to Massachusetts, but not in the way federal prosecutors would have liked.

The 81 year old is not ratting people out like they had hoped, or revealing where his money is hidden. Instead, the senior citizen is taunting the authorities, claiming on numerous occasions he ventured back and forth between Mexico and his California home to buy drugs, as well as visits elsewhere out of the country. He’s even stated that he came back to Boston on a few occasions, hinting at the fact that he may have committed even more crimes while supposedly in hiding.

Bulger’s admission that he came back to Boston “armed to the teeth” with guns to take care of some “unfinished business” may not surprise those who know him best, and it’s these people that may prove most costly not just to Bulger, but also the residents of Massachusetts, and I’ll explain. Any money that is found to belong to Bulger, or his girlfriend (who was granted a public attorney) might not be used for a lawyer after all, as there are many pending law suits against Bulger, including one solved in 2003 that entitles the owners of a liquor store Bulger took over by force to $30 million of his estate. Therefore, if any money is found, it’s not Bulger’s to play around with anyway. Meanwhile, the judge has even expressed belief that Bulger could ask his brother for the money, but the former State Senate leader is himself on trial for corruption. So what does it all mean?

In reality, it means that while Whitey continues to flaunt his arrogance over the authorities despite being captured, its ultimately going to be the taxpayers of Massachusetts who will be footing his legal bills. And despite being an elderly man, Bulger doesn’t show any signs of relenting, or repenting, which means this could be a long, long trial, ultimately costing the state even more money. So while a few days ago the celebration at Whitey’s captured could be felt all across the state, people are becoming a little more disappointed with how it’s all turning out. Its amazing, then, to think that Bulger could further inconvenience the citizens of Massachusetts, Boston especially, but he’s doing his damnedest to do just that, taking even more money from the pockets of the families that he terrorized and tore apart in the 1980s.


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