Blago Found Guilty

In what surely shouldn’t shock any American familiar with any of his recent actions, former, and disgraced, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was found guilty of 17 of the 20 total corruption charges he was put on trial for earlier this year. The worst of these was the charge that Blagojevich attempted to sell the Senate seat left vacant by a Junior Senator who got some publicity when he left, but even more when he was elected President of the United States. And if you aren’t convinced that it was a stupid move on Blagojevich’s part to attempt to sell one of the hottest Senate seats in the country at the time, just remember this time he’s not going to get to serve his time on a television show, but will actually have to go to prison.

Blago, in the fashion that we have come to know and hate him, looked just as cheesy and corrupt upon hearing of the jury’s decision, but apparently still found himself “stunned” at the outcome. What’s worse, though, is the jury, who is now allowed to speak candidly with the media is churning out some really appalling things. One woman admittedly earlier today that Blagojevich was so likeable during the trial that she wanted to find him guilty, but that the evidence was simply too overwhelming, making it seem that his charm almost one her over. Despite the jury being comprised of 11 women and a single man, Blago’s charm was not able to win out.

As agitated as I am that a (now convicted) swindler such as Blagojevich can not only think that he’d evade the consequences of his actions, it’s even worse that people in the jury wanted to find him not-guilty simply because of his charm and charisma. If there’s anything to learn here it’s that you shouldn’t trust politicians just because you want to “like them.” Let’s be honest, their goal is to manipulate you into voting for them so maybe before you head into the polls (or into the jury box in this case) it’s better to take a long look at the person and not the personality. Blagojevich was corrupt from the beginning, and just because he’s only been convicted of it recently doesn’t excuse the fact that this whole time he’s been flaunting the celebrity he built up after criminal activity. So next time you vote, America, remember that it’s not a popularity contest. Charisma and charm don’t make up for shoddy results, abuse of public power, and ultimately a disgraceful career in the long run.


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  1. Four out of the last Six Illinois governors have ended up in jail.

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