Bachmann Can’t Keep Her Feet out of Her Mouth

After watching an interview with her this morning, it didn’t surprise me one bit that Tea Party Queen Michele Bachmann has put her foot in her mouth once again, causing this writer to inevitably find a direct link between her and former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich . Bachmann, who mistakenly stated that she and John Wayne were both from Waterloo, Iowa, acknowledged today that she had “misspoke,” yet again. It was actually in fact the serial killer John Wayne Gacy who stayed in Waterloo, Iowa for a time, which may seem like a small mistake. But in reality, it’s this kind of behavior by the rash Bachmann that has me calling her into question.

In the same fashion that my extreme disdain grew for Blagojevich grew after listening to him speak in interview and try to politically B.S. his way out of complex situations and away from condemning questions, I realized that Bachmann attempts to do the same in interviews this morning, when she habitually refused to answer direct questions from Matt Lauer and then had the nerve to say she’d be on the show again immanently to answer more of Lauer’s questions. Aside from the fact that she’s not near as good at dodging hard questions as Blagojevich, the fact remains that Bachmann simply spouts off whatever’s on her mind, whether true or not, and then she avoids the consequences of her actions by stating she “misspoke” and being sorry for any confusion. She had the opportunity to address these issues directly in the interview this morning, but chose not too, and did so in a much belied manner in which she tried to champion herself as a businesswoman and the founder of a charter school.

I’m all for politicians that give back to the community, and she has more than done so by adopting foster children and so on. But if she’s so flaky that she can’t even address her mistakes after they happen, or worse, she’s too dumb to notice she’s making them in the first place, then what on earth makes her think she can be a competitive option for President in the upcoming election? In fact, when asked if she thought her views would hurt her down the road, Bachmann completely missed the question. She instead responded that she was not in Iowa, but in New Hampshire, and then began to talk about her website launch as the “candidate that’s going places.”

She’s not only not going to go places if she refuses to answer questions about future policy, but also if she keeps putting her foot in her mouth and not atoning for it. Later on the interview, Lauer had to interrupt Bachmann just to get her to address the fact that she has been “Palinized,” and her thoughts on that because the first time he asked her she completely rambled on about being a lawyer and her husband having started a business. When you can’t even answer questions directly from a non-hostile interviewer on a show that you yourself asked to be on, I’m not quite sure you’re the candidate that is truly “going places.” Best of luck, though to Bachmann, who hopefully can get through a single state on her 50 state tour without putting her foot in her mouth, so far she’s 0-for-1.


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