Marchand Celebrates in Style

Sure it may be quite a bit of time since the Boston Bruins won this year’s Stanley Cup, but that doesn’t mean that we should ignore all the hockey news that’s followed since. But it’s not a massive trade or even an awards ceremony that are making the most headlines around the hockey world. Instead, it’s actually the unapologetic celebrating of one Bruin player in particular.

The man in question, Brad Marchand is currently on a bender that is unapproachable, even by most athletic standards, and not just because of the absurd amounts of money that he is pilfering into bar owners’ pockets, but because he’s doing it all in public. That’s right, unlike the stories about athletes trying to hide their celebrations and meeting with newscasters in suits and ties exclaiming how great it was to win, Marchand’s simply out getting drunk and living it up. And really, who can blame it?

I’m not saying that every athlete needs to celebrate as much, or in the same fashion as Marchand, but the reality is that most players will only win one championship, if they win any at all. So for a guy who’s only 23, and just finished his rookie season, capping it with a Stanley Cup victory, why not go out and celebrate as much as you can? And Marchand sure is, becoming legendary in the art.

He may not have won the NHL’s Rookie of the Year Award, but Marchand’s recent actions land him in a class all his own. The 5’9 Canadien has (in the few days following his team’s victory) already racked up single bars tabs north of $150,000 and even strutted around a casino floor naked after punching a security guard in the face when the man got violent with him before acknowledging who he was. The man, with his jaw broken in two places from one punch, then was made to apologize to Marchand, who dropped his robe and proceeded back to his room after leaving over $1,200 in earnings on the table. I challenge anyone, no, I dare you in fact, to top a celebration like that. Because after all, it may only happen once, so you’ve really got to enjoy it, right?

Check out the pictures below and judge for yourself is he’s having the time of his life or not:


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  1. Brad Marchand is the man, nobody can top him

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