Obama Attempts to Act on Campaign Promises

President Obama, while running for office, initially made a few pretty important promises to families across the country. Issues like health care reform, and getting the economy back on track might have been most important to some, but with family in the armed forces, one particular promise he made intrigued me. Obama said that he was the candidate willing to pull the troops from Afghanistan and bring them home to the people who had been waiting out the wars for years now. Better still, McCain almost insured the opposite, that the war would gone on and on, “until the job is done” (as the Republican motto became). Seemed like a pretty easy decision, then, for anyone not in favor of the war going this long, and all those families who wanted to see there loved ones come home. So, they voted.

But up until now, the Obama administration has been lax in the organized mass withdrawal of troops from the Afghanistan region, all the while spending billions per day while our economy continues to bounce back and forth between awful and spiraling down the toilet. Finally, then, I was relieved to here Obama’s new plan, to withdrawal as many troops as fast as possible from Afghanistan as soon as possible. Still, I’m not too convinced.

We’ve heard it before, and so has he. I think I speak for the majority of Americans here when I say that regardless of your opinion on going into Afghanistan, we’ve been there for too long, and it’s time for the country to start cleaning itself back up. So, while I’m all for this, I’m also not quite ready to believe it wholeheartedly and chant for Obama out in front of the White House. We’ve been made this promise before, and instead of making grand announcements, how’s about I see some results and we bring all of our boys home.

Get on it Mr. President, then I’ll be willing to celebrate you, especially if you stick to your schedule and ignore the objections from the Generals and Joint Chiefs of Staff who continue to say that Afghanistan needs us. Even if they do, it’s time for their government to take the brunt of the weight on their own situation. Let our troops come home, and let our economy rebound, then maybe we’ll discuss stretching ourselves out again.


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