Departed No More…

A great piece of redemption came for the FBI today when they acted on tips from residents in Santa Monica suggesting that Whitey Bulger, infamous Boston crime boss, was actually living in the area. Ironically, it wasn’t the fame or mystique brought to the case by the recent movie The Departed, which drew direct inspiration from stories of Bulger’s crime career. Instead, it was actually because the FBI decided to take out 350 television adds with Boston area officers asking people to look for Bulger’s nearly 60 year-old girlfriend Catherine Greig.

This has not only been one of the longest manhunts in United States history (running on over 16 years since Bulger fled in 1994), but also a real black eye for the FBI because the fact that it was a corrupt FBI agent who had tipped Bulger off in the first place. Not only that, the legend only grew on Bulger in the last 16 years, and people even celebrated the ability of a Southie legend’s aversion from the FBI for years on end. But now, it appears the end of the line for Bulger, who’s going to be facing the same racketeering charges, as well as 19 counts of murder.

The celebrating for the victims families started as early as Monday, when the preliminary news broke in Boston, but its only now that many of those affected by Bulger directly are allowing themselves to come to terms with reality of Bulger being apprehended.

What’s most astounding about the whole ordeal, however, is that during the 16 years that Bulger has been at-large, for the last 15 straight he has made payments on the apartment that he was caught in in Santa Monica. So apparently, if you want to avoid the FBI as long as possible, I guess the easiest place to hide is Southern California after all. Hopefully, the now 81-year-old Bulger got his fill of visiting the beach and seeing beautiful women because it doesn’t look like he’ll have access to either for the remainder of his life.


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