NFL Football a Possibility in 2011

Terrell Pryor’s not the only one hoping that there will be more than just college football to watch this upcoming fall. Like the fallen OSU quarterback, I’m hoping that every Sunday T.V. stations will be filled with large guys running by larger guys, to tackle smaller guys, who are still large. And because of recent developments, this writer is very confident that we will be eating nachos on our coaches and enjoying some Patriots domination again in 2011.

Okay, so maybe I don’t know about that last part, but what I do know is that the NFL Player’s Association would be stupid not to consider the Owner’s new offer. With the old deal, players received 50% of the total revenue share, after the owners took an initial $1 billion off the top (out of a total $9 billion in annual revenue). The new proposal from the owners, however, is now offering 48% of the total league revenues. I’m no mathematician, obviously, but I’d say that that’s a pretty sweet deals for guys who are already very well compensated to throw around a football.

But what if they’re still not convinced? Well in that case, I say that do take a year off, and take one of the regular jobs that the rest of us have to to provide for our families, for the money that we have to do them for. What about moving furniture, or carpentry? Hard labor with very small pay could set these guys right, finally, and make them realize that it’s not the owner’s job to provide for the athletes retirement funds, especially when they’re making millions of dollars per year.

In fact, if the only real consequence from this new deal is that there may be an 18 game season and a rookie pay scale, I say the athletes are idiots if they don’t accept it. Think about it here. Most of the time, stars players are benched for the end of the year anyway, and disappointed fans will still be seeing the likes of Brian Hoyer out there at quarterback for the end of the season instead of Tom Brady, so what’s the big deal about an 18 game season?

Additionally, unproven rookies make too much money as is. I mean ask the Chargers if they thought a pay scale for Ryan Leaf would have been a better idea. I’m all for rewarding talent, but let’s also reward performance. You don’t need to guarantee a new player $20 million just for being drafted because even if he gets injured, he should be able to live, for the rest of his life, on much less than that. It’s called investment planning fellas, learn how to plan for retirement.

So, kudos to Jerry Jones and the boys for swallowing their pride. Maybe there will be a chance for professional football after all, but now we have to wait and see if it’s really about the respect for the players, or if ultimately they’re just concerned about the money, which has been my suspicion all along.


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