Education has the “Bieber Fever”

In case you hadn’t heard, Justin Bieber is kind of a big deal. He’s not only been all over the news for his music, but for his philanthropy, teaming up with Pencils of Promise foundation to bring educational supplies to students all across the world.

While everyone is celebrating the nice, charitable endeavor, I’m more with helping those at home. America’s got its own educational needs, especially since it continues to fall in a downward spiral.

I’m not saying Bieber’s not doing something completely awesome here, and he’ll receive plenty of great press. But in reality, when America’s something around 17th in educational standings in the world, I don’t know if reaching out to other countries to help their youth is the first step I’d be making here. And no, I’m not just hating on Bieber to be controversial, I really mean this. I think that American students are falling behind in education, and could use their own help. Additionally, anyone who’s been to school districts not just in the inner city, but in the rural parts of Georgia and even New York, will tell you that the educational quality has declined even more in recent times, largely because of the economy.

What’s worse, too, is that while the demand for teachers continues to rise, because the pay is so poor, those who are the most qualified are venturing out into other, more profitable endeavors. While this doesn’t seem too costly, I know I don’t want my kids learning math from someone with a philosophy or communications degree, which is now becoming the norm in most public school districts.

With the American educational institution in decline, I’d say that instead of sending our money and resources to countries currently embroiled in war, or that have no interest in their youth and will ultimately steal the supplies for themselves, we reinvest it in our own educational systems and try to get America back to the top of the world rankings. That way when we tell every child that they can be anything they want to be, we won’t have to leave out the “unless you’re from a school district that has barely taught you how to read” qualifier.


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