Breast Implants Not the Safest Investment After All

So you’ve got yourself a great job, and a nice girl, but you guys mutually decide you want her looking a little…different. Don’t go spending all your money on breast implants so fast, though, as a recent study by the Food & Drug Administration shows that most women who receive breast implants, ending up needing a second surgery, and not for larger breasts.

The study showed that of the women who undergo breast augmentation surgery, 20 – 40% need an additional surgery simply to repair tears or punctures in the breast material. What’s worse, is that 40-70% of women who have breast reconstruction surgery (most survivors of breast cancer) also need surgery to repair such hazards.

I’m not going to tell anyone not to undergo a procedure that they find will help them in some way, even if it’s simply to gain more self confidence. But with all the hazards of undergoing a surgical procedure anyway, I think that this is a warning for all women to consider before going under the knife.

But even if you’re not too afraid of having additional surgeries, remember, this is also going to cost you additional money as well. And, for the most part, these kind of procedures aren’t often covered by insurance companies, so a couple surgeries can easily put you in the tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt on top of the health risks. Remember, once a breast implant is ruptured, its not only unsafe and a health risk, but it means another surgery just to get it back to what it was.

So, men and women take heed of the FDA’s warning here, and remember that while breast implants may seem like the greatest idea you can have, it may not be the greatest investment you can make.


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