Green Mile Star Marries 16 Year Old



Doug Anthony Hutchinson is best known for his role as prison guard Percy Wetmore, in the movie “The Green Mile”. He is now making the news, not because of his role as producer for the new TV show “Vampire Killer,” but instead for tying the knot with 16 year old Courtney Alexis Strodden.

Yes, you read it right… 16, one-six, meaning she may not even be able to legally drive by herself. What makes the story even crazier is that both of her parents approve of the marriage. Her father, Alex Strodden, now has a son-in-law four years his senior. “Every father can only pray to have such a good man behind their daughter”. He went on to say, “Courtney is one of the most level headed girls out there”. Krista Strodden says her daughter is a, “good Christian girl.”

I know it’s bad to judge a book by its cover, but this isn’t exactly the blueprint for a good Christian girl. It is also necessary to note that Courtney is an aspiring country singer. So, this marriage has two words written all over it… Publicity stunt. Let’s be real here, what 16 year old girl and her family would approve of her marrying someone 35 years older than they are, besides someone looking to get discovered and make a quick buck?


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