The Answer to Our Climate Change Problems


“We’re a nation of innovators and we find innovative solutions to our challenges — this is just a classic example,” exclaimed Tim Moore, managing director for Northwest Carbon, to the Australian Associated Press.

The innovation that Moore is so adamant about is his company’s plan to help fight climate change. They aren’t designing an ultra affordable all electric car, nor have they discovered an alternative energy source. The plan consists of significantly decreasing the population of one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in the Australian Outback … Camels.

That’s right, one camel farts so much that they give off the methane equivalent of one ton of carbon dioxide per year. Given the fact that around a million of these gaseous creatures roam the outback, that adds up to a death cloud of epic proportions.

So, Northwest Carbon wants to fly around in helicopters with high powered rifles to pick off the unsuspecting camels and send the corpses to slaughterhouses for their meat. As crazy as it sounds, the theory seems kind of logical. Not to mention they could probably make it a tourist attraction! If the plan gets passed I’ll have to patent the idea of a TV show similar to “Whale Wars.”


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