Rory Roars at Congressional, Fans Cause Concern on Wikipedia

When I flipped on the T.V. yesterday to catch a glimpse of Rory McIlroy’s absolute dominance of the U.S. Open, I was really excited. I was happy not only that the Danny Noonan (of Caddyshack fame) look alike had chopped his hair off but also that he’s only 22 and already breaking Tiger’s records. This prompted me to want to know a little more. So like most people, I flipped open my computer, and cruised to Wikipedia for some answers and was shocked at what I found.

Here, in the middle of Sunday afternoon, while Rory was only on whole number 9 (of 18 for you non-golf fans) someone had already went ahead and announced that he had won the tournament, and done so in record setting fashion. Obviously, I not only know that anyone can update Wikipedia, and even that recently some idiots tried to edit Paul Revere entries to make Sarah Palin look like she actually knew something about American history earlier this year, but this entry proved to me that the abuse of Wikipedia is becoming ridiculous.

Aside from the fact that it could have jinxed the young golfer (who collapsed earlier this year at the Master’s tournament after a similarly great start), this is disturbing because, like or not, Wikipedia is the future of online research.

Children, and adults alike, are either too busy, or just too lazy, to do pertinent research on their own, and rely on Wikipedia for their information and even though anyone can edit, people need to be more responsible. It’s not funny, or even entertaining when you log onto an online encyclopedia simply to screw with facts. Do you really think you’re cool editing something that somebody is genuinely curious about? That’s how people end up spreading misinformation around and it needs to be addressed.

So, please, stop with the Wikipedia editing if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially if what you’re putting out there hasn’t even happened yet. I applaud the effort for updating as events unfold, but wait until they’re done unfolding because otherwise you’re just lying. Oh, and don’t try to edit Wikipedia just to make a political pundit look smarter. In doing so, you’re only proving that Palin’s fan base is just as stupid for trying to rewrite history as if no one would notice…idiots.


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