Must Be at Least a 10 to Get in

20110620-102017.jpg is the latest victim of a hack attack. The dating website exclusive to certified dime pieces had a so called “Shrek” virus unleashed on it. The hack compromised the system which accepts or declines new applicants.

After the attack was discovered, administrators had to crush the hearts of some 30,000 people who actually did not meet the website’s minimum hotness requirements. Those individuals had their memberships revoked and their payments were fully refunded; an expense which will cost the company $100,000.

To help people deal with their shattered hopes and pain of rejection a hotline has been launched by the website. Translation: lawyers made them do it in case an individual takes extreme measures to deal with the situation.

I kind of want to sign up for the site to see if I’m beautiful enough, but I don’t know if my fragile, little heart could handle the denial.


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