Soldiers Celebrate, American Style, in Afghanistan

Long before the confetti begins to fall in Boston tomorrow during the parade celebrating the return of Lord Stanley’s Cup to Beantown, a touching show of commitment occurred thousands of miles away from America’s East Coast.

On bases across Afghanistan, U.S. troops, many from around the Boston area, showed their collective support and excitement for the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup. They banded together and gathered up armored vehicles and patrolled around their bases waving flags, honking horns and waving to all of the onlookers  (fellow troops).

Aside from the fact that many of the fellow soldiers who had to witness the Bruins fans parading through the base were fans of other teams (hopefully many New York fans), the reassuring nature of these parades is that morale is still high, and the troops are still allowed to have fun in an effort to keep them tethered to their home towns.

This isn’t meant to be a celebration of the Bruins win, which trust me I was ecstatic over. Instead, I hope that all Americans can recognize events like this as inspiring. Sure a frenzied parade during the middle of the afternoon on a base in Afghanistan may not be too impressive to you, but remember that these troops are located all over the world upholding the freedoms that we can use everyday. We are allowed to watch sporting events and celebrate because of what the military has done for us.

So instead of using this forum to brag on how great my Bruins were this year, I’m instead going to ask you to remember the troops out there who might not get to watch every game, or even celebrate the victories with their friends and families. Remember that they’re out there, caring not just about themselves, but about their communities, and sometimes the only way to connect to them is a celebration of their favorite sports teams. To you it might just be soldiers goofing around and celebrating a Bruins championship, but to them, it’s a little taste of home while they’re out there in the desert.

Here’s to the Bruins win, then, but more importantly to the soldiers out serving in the world who make it possible for sports fans to even watch the games in the first place. I humbly thank you for your service, and hope you can return soon to celebrate with your families sometime this year like you probably wanted to after this historic championship victory.



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