AARP Lobbyists Appear to be Pointing their Walkers in a New Direction

You know them as the leading advocates for the elderly, so it might surprise you who’s priorities they seem to be protecting. The largest lobby for people getting up there in age, AARP is changing it’s tune on a few issues, including their previous stubbornness when it comes to wiggle-room in regard to America’s Social Security Administration.

AARP announced earlier today that they will drop their die-hard support for no cuts to future proposals on social security in an effort to open a forum to discuss how to approach issues concerning such benefit programs as Medicare and Medicaid.

As it stands now, the government estimates show that Americans will lose all social security funds by 2036. That means if you were born anytime after 1971, you’re going to be in serious trouble by the time you hit 65 because there won’t be any money left for you at the current rate. So it seems all fine and dandy that those trying to work for the elderly are calling off the dogs so that some reform can be made for the rest of us.

I’m not sold, though. Instead, knowing that altercations to laws to years to develop and complete, I’m not holding my breath. This step seems nice, but in opening themselves up to negotiation on social security, AARP advocates are only ensuring that there will be negotiating to begin with (and how’s that been going for the NFL?).  Their biggest support group, the elderly, will still be taken care of through old age then, while the rest of us will have to hope that negotiations favor our side in all of this.

But if you look at the pictures of those who are brokering such a deal, not too many seem to be born after 1971, so save your money people, you’re going to end up needing it by the time all this is over and no real progress is made.


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