Place Your Bets!


It just keeps getting worse for Anthony Weiner. More and more women are emerging with sexts from the government official, his fellow democrats AND President Obama are pushing for his resignation, and now the above picture of Weiner oiled up and in drag has been released.

Weiner initially told us that he would not resign, but after taking a leave of absence to seek professional help he has said that he will wait to talk in person with his wife, Huma Abedin, about the issue.

Abedin, who is pregnant with the couple’s first child, had been on a week long trip to Africa with Secretary of State Hilllary Clinton until last night. Oh what I would have done to be a fly on the wall to hear their conversations.

So what do you think? When will Weiner resign now that his wife is home? We’ll set the over-under at five business days.


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  1. Another scumbag policitian flaunting his junk and then “seeking help”. The problem is that what he did is pretty trivial compared to the rest of the politicians that are actually screwing us.

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