Lance Confronts his Accuser


Tyler Hamilton, a former teammate to Lance Armstrong, recently participated in one of the most awkward interviews on 60 Minutes that I have ever seen in my life. During the interview, Hamilton divulged information regarding the use of performance enhancing drugs by the American cycling team. Hamilton, along with other teammates, attest that Armstrong was the ring leader, and in some cases, the supplier for the PEDs.

When the two individuals coincidentally were having dinner at the same Aspen, CO restaurant, two very different accounts of the same conversation emerged.

Chris Manderson, Hamilton’s lawyer, claims that Armstrong aggressively approached Hamilton and had an expletive laden outburst. Armstrong repeatedly asked how much Hamilton made for the 60 Minutes interview and threatened, his legal team would “[expletive] destroy you … Tear you apart on the stand … Make your life a living [expletive] hell”.

Jodi Larner, friend of Armstrong and co-owner of the restaurant, had a differing story of the incident. Larner says that although she did not hear exactly what was said, based off the body language of the two men, it did not seem aggressive at all; very few words were said and no scene was made at the restaurant. She went on to say that Hamilton’s account of the confrontation was “fictitious”. Armstrong also told “One Magazine” that the night was awkward, but uneventful.

Talk about he said-she said. I honestly wouldn’t doubt that Armstrong went up to Hamilton and quietly had a few heartwarming things to say to his accuser. Personally, I hope these allegations turn out to be false because of the story of Lance Armstrong. However, with more and more fingers being pointed and people agreeing with Hamilton, it’s difficult to see it ending up that way.


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