Fultz Flips and His Billboard Is Grabbing National Attention

Did he go too far?

Not quite sure what to classify this as. For some, it’s a violation of a woman’s civil rights. For others it’s simply a way to express freedom of speech. But there’s no doubt anywhere that’s it’s the kind of overkill that makes for a great story.

Recently, Greg Fultz of Sante Fe, New Mexico, became so pissed off at his girlfriend that he felt he had no other choice but to express it publicly. But instead of making a Youtube video, or posting a Facebook status, Fultz went to the extreme of renting a billboard. He didn’t fill it with a subliminal message, however, but was very clear when he put up a picture of himself holding the outline of a baby.

The text of the billboard reads “This Would Have Been a Picture of My 2-month-Old Baby If the Mother Had Decided to NOT Kill Our Child!”

Obviously this requires a bit of an explanation. The woman in question went to Wisconsin following the couple’s break-up, supposedly “on business.” In all actuality, however, she ended up getting an abortion of the two’s child, without the father’s consent. Fultz had previously stated he would not marry the girl, then just over the age of 18 years old, and she laid down the ultimatum in advance. It was marry her, or she’ll abort, and she kept her word.

Not finding any other recourse fitting her actions, Fultz decided that he would put up the billboard to announce the actions, despite the threat of legal recourse. And while the billboard was originally ordered to be taken down, the decisions have gone to the appellate court, so the matter will stay open for the foreseeable future.

Recently, however, the girl in question has come forward to say that she did not abort, but had a miscarriage, and that the whole ordeal has been blown out of proportion. Fultz is still maintaining the opposite, however, and is now stating that he wants Dads everywhere to know that they should have a decision in the matter as well.

I definitely agree with Fultz on that, but this may be a little much. Regardless of whether or not the girl actually received an abortion, displaying her shame publicly isn’t going to help him get over it, nor is it going to bring the baby back. I think that the idea might have been plausible but has now gone way out of the realm of substantial and into the ridiculous. With media coverage abounding, his point has been made, and dads across the country will be more aware. So while I doubt this was his real intention through the whole ordeal, citing the tearing down of an 18 year old’s reputation as evidence of his revenge upon her, I think he’s accomplished his feat. For both of their sakes, I say Fultz listens to the courts and agrees to take down the billboard.


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