It’s a Jersey Thing…

Apparently, stubbornness is not just reserved for New Jersey’s residents, but its casinos as well. Despite recent payoffs to two individuals in the amounts of $5.8 and $5.3 million dollars, The Tropicana in Atlantic City will stick to its game plan of taking on experience high stakes gamers who can’t find the same kinds of thrills elsewhere. Despite the losses, the casino maintains that eventually the strategy will pay off in the long run, not only making back the losses, but actually making the casino far greater profits.

I’m not so sure about that one. In fact, I’d also be willing to go there to put some money on it, but I’m just a poor writer, so I can’t be taking the chance of putting my life savings on the line, like the unidentified winner of $5.3 million did last week. But even though he’s kept his name out of the news, the man did gain a few fans at the casino by leaving a $150,000 tip for the dealers who worked on the table that night. This then sparked a question in my mind as to whether or not the dealers could have actually out-gained the casino for that night? Probably not, but it’d be quite the feat.

But anyway, The Tropicana has its work cut out for them, but in typical Jersey fashion, they’re not going to admit they’ve made a mistake just yet. “That’s just how it goes sometimes,” admitted CEO Tony Rodio, who then even offered a challenge: “If someone wants to take the shot, we’ll take the action.”

Only time will tell if the bold strategy works out for Rodio and his casino, or if their Jersey pride gets the best of them.


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