And You Thought Your Mom Was Overly Protective…

Families in Connecticut are in an uproar that public establishments, such as businesses, venues, and even school districts, are not recognizing their child’s “disabilities.” In fact, they are even questioning the American with Disabilities Act, saying that if it were expanded, it would force people to recognize their child’s condition. So what’s the big uproar about then anyway?

Parents are made because they’ve purchased specially-trained dogs to go in ahead of crowds, much like in bomb-detection situations, to search for residues that may aggravate their children’s allergies.


Parents are complaining that their rights aren’t being considered because people won’t let dogs into their businesses to sniff for allergen residue? This is beyond ridiculous. I understand that many children have allergies, and that in some cases this can be quite serious, but they honestly expect a business to shut down so they can come in with a dog to sniff the floor and under chairs just in case their might be some residue somewhere?


What’s worse is that these parents are comparing their child’s “affliction” to that of being blind, which is just downright disrespectful. Just because your child can’t eat peanuts doesn’t mean they’re at a disadvantage like that of a child that can’t see. A child that needs a dog to cross the street safely deserves special treatment and considerations, while a child that needs a dog to sniff under a bench to make sure there’s not any peanut butter to be licked up should just have better parents.

Let’s face it, if you’re child is dumb enough to creep under the bleachers to lick up peanut butter, knowing they’re allergic, they need more supervision, not special laws so dogs can be sent it to find it beforehand. I can’t believe parents are going so far as to ask for dogs to walk around with their children so they might not accidently lick something to spur their allergies. It’s called parenting, people, try keeping an eye on your kids.

And for all of you thinking that I’m being unfair, or overly critical, look at the comparison you’re trying to make here. A child with allergies can still go out with friends, can still play little league sports, go to the movies, even read this article without any problems. A child who’s blind, on the other hand, can’t do any of that without assistance, so don’t even try to put them on the same level. No correction needs to be made to the Americans with Disabilities Act, these parents just need to be better parents, pay attention to their children, and teach them what they can and can’t have, so that by the time they’re out on their own, they’re smart enough to avoid what they’re allergic to.

You’re not being persecuted because you think your child has “”a disability,” you just need to realize that there are people much worse off than you, and by trying to put draw attention to yourself by acting like your child is afflicted with some serious handicap is just insulting. Stop being so dramatic.


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