A Flying Bear? Only In Canada

The Canucks getting their skates handed to them last night wasn’t the only bad news for Canadians yesterday, as a tragic auto accident took the lives of two Canadian drivers…and a bear.

Unfortunately, a bear happened to leap out in front of oncoming traffic yesterday in a rural area of Canada, just 25 miles north of one of their biggest cities, Ottawa. The bear, a black bear that weighed an estimated 440 pounds, stepped out in front of an oncoming car, who didn’t have time to stop. The car crashed into the bear, sending it flying through the air, into an oncoming car.

The driver, a 25 year old Canadian, and a 40-year passenger sitting directly behind her, were instantly killed when the bear was sent crashing through their windshield. In fact, the bear passed all the way through the car, catapulting out of the back windshield by the time the ordeal was done. The bear also died in the incident, which while sad, is being heralded by Canadian officials as quite the remarkable experience.

Citizens have remarked that the ordeal might have been more understandable if it were a deer, or even a moose, as accidents like this involving those types of animals are actually surprisingly common in the rural Canadian countryside. Yet, a flying bear is very rare, even by the rural standards. Still, I can’t help but exclaim that a flying bear killing two individuals could really only happen in Canada.


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