This Goes Out to CT Smokers

Yesterday, the Connecticut House of Representatives voted 90-57 to decriminalize marijuana in the state. The so called, “Common Sense Reform,” now has to be signed off by Gov. Malloy, something he has already promised to do.

Now before all you stoners go running to light up outside your local police department, being caught with the weed still comes with consequences.

Once put into effect, the new law will carry fines for those caught with less than half an ounce. First offenders will receive at $150 fine and fines of $200 to $500 will be imposed for subsequent offenses. Those under 21 will face a 60 day suspension of their driver’s license. Anyone under 18 will be referred to the juvenile courts and those who plead guilty or no contest to three offenses will be have to attend drug education classes.

I think the House got this one right. Slapping kids with misdemeanor possession for even trace amounts of marijuana has a huge impact on their future. The new law teaches the same lesson without hurting their chances of scholarships or internships, while still imposing harsh punishments for those trafficking the substance.


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