B of A Branch Foreclosed on by Homeowners

In 2009 Warren Nyerges and his wife, Maureen Collier, paid cash for their $165,000 Naples, Fl home. Needless to say, when they received a notice of foreclosure from the local Bank of America branch they were a little bit surprised.

So the couple did want any intelligent person would do, hired a lawyer and the case was of course thrown out.

Since the case shouldn’t have happened to begin with, Nyerges and Collier requested B of A pay the lawyer and court fees. Five months went by and they received no response from the bank. Todd Allen, the couple’s lawyer ordered foreclosure on the bank and showed up at the branch last week with two sheriff’s deputies and a moving truck. Soon after requesting all the money be removed from the drawer and the office equipment moved the the moving truck, the bank manager had a check for $5,772.80 generated to pay off the expenses. They later released a written statement saying, they did initially write a check, but sent it to the wrong lawyer … Riiiiiiight.

The fact that the tables were turned and a bank was foreclosed on is hilarious. If I was in the same position I would have showed up at the bank with the lawyer. Except I would have refused the check, pocketed the money in the drawers, and hung up a sign outside offering cheap office equipment to the people passing by.


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