Breaking News: Weiner Identifies his Weiner

NY congressmen Anthony Weiner has confessed that he mistakenly posted an inappropriate photo to his Twitter account. Step up your Twitter game Weiner!

The infamous frontal bulge was not the only lewd photo he sent out. Weiner decided to try and cut his losses and confess that he sent X-rated images to at least six other women.

Weiner professed, “I take full responsibility of my actions,” of course that was after he initially did NOT take responsibility of his actions, but that’s besides the point.

Can’t say I’m surprised here. When you say you can’t confirm nor deny a picture of bulging boxer briefs is of you, in plain English that translates to, “Yes it’s me, but no one can prove it yet.”

Weiner will not resign from his position, and he and his wife will not be splitting up because of Weinergate.


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