Starcraft II Expansion

After making us wait over a decade for a sequel to one of the best computer games ever, Blizzard has already released details to an expansion for Starcraft II. 

Heart of the Swarm will continue the story based around the Zerg race, introduce a new campaign, and add content to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Approximately 20 new missions with new units, abilities, and maps will be featured. Another new aspect of the game will be evolution of Zerg units. Imagine a Zergling that can leap short distances or be able to explode into a pack of Broodlings upon death. Pretty badass right? Several evolved strains of Zerg DNA will be a key component of successfully completing single player missions.

In 2008, Blizzard informed us that Statcraft II will be a trilogy and each release is going to focus on one of the three races. The third installment, Legacy of the Void, will revolve around my favorite race, the Protoss, when it is completed.

Other details regarding price and release date are unavailable at this point. Blizzard says that since it is an expansion pack it will not carry the full $60 price tag, but Wings of Liberty will be required to play. More information about the expansion will be released at Blizzcon in October. Since Blizzard never rushes with release dates to ensure a high quality product, my guess is the expansion pack will be out no earlier than his year’s holiday season.


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