Cellphones are (Possibly) Cancerous… Again

Hang up your phones America! Scientists haven’t been getting much press lately because of things of actual importance are going on in the world. Since no new scientific breakthroughs have been discovered recently, the International Agency for Research on Cancer deemed it necessary to remind us of the urban myth that cellphones may cause brain tumors.

The best part of this newest statement is that it was made without any new research. All information was gathered from already existing studies, similarly to researching a topic for a high school persuasive essay.

The reports also list off other possible carcinogens including gasoline exhaust and Valium. God help you if you drink your morning coffee from a styrofoam cup because both of those items are also included.

I find it incredible that this continues to make the front page of the newspaper. Given the exponential growth of cell phone use over the passed decade would there be a significant increase in brain tumor cases across the globe? I’m no scientist and I know I went to State school, but that seems like a valid statement to me.


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