Obama’s Royal Blunder

Now that the news has died down surrounding the events that actually took place at the royal wedding held not too long ago, it’s important not to overlook a pretty hilarious mistake by our president Obama while attending.

In an effort to commemorate the event, as in most weddings, the royal family set aside a place for distinguished guests to sign their names and add comments to the newlywed couple. A polite guest as always, Barack obliged, and even added a short message to his signature to commemorate the decorated event. But as luck would have it, something must have slipped the president’s mind.

Like most of us do in the first three months of the new year, Obama casually jotted down the wrong year in the date that he provided. Normally the oversight would have been simple enough to correct. A statement here and a laugh there would have cleared the president, had he written 2010, or even 2012. Instead, he took it to the extreme and actually put down “2008.”

Not quite sure what the guy was thinking on this one. And no, of course it doesn’t matter too much in the grand scheme of things at all, but c’mon it’s funny to hear the jokes now running wild across theinternet that the “leader of the free world” actually doesn’t know what year it is. No wonder he didn’t put any stock in all those “rapture” rumors, he probably didn’t think it was coming for another 3 years or so.

Still, props to Obama for writing a unifying message, which exclaimed “it is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice.” But as sentimental and unifying as this might have been for countries that share a common heritage, ultimately everyone is only going to be commenting and remembering the signature solely for the glaring “2008” that stares down at us every time we look at it.

Better luck next time Barack, after all, there’s still another British Prince that needs to be wed, maybe he’ll get an invite back and be able to totally redeem himself…next time.


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