Goldfarms: A New Punishment for Chinese Inmates

Are you a World of Warcraft regular and have spent real money on gold for your level 70 night elf Mage to use in the game? If you have, shame on you! Several former inmates that were once detained in Chinese prisons said they were not forced into manual labor, but into virtual labor. 300 prisoners at a time would play games like WoW for twelve hours straight bringing in as much gold as possible. At the end of the shift, the amount of gold brought in by each person would be counted and then sold for real money totaling several hundred dollars per day.

Now, before all you mouth breathers buy a plane ticket and try to rob a bank in China, there is something else you should know. There are extremely high quotas which each inmate has to reach at the end of every shift. If they did not reach the expected level of gold, they would be chained up and beaten with plastic pipes. If you still want to buy that plane ticket, be my guest. How long until we see “Conflict Free Gold” stamps at the websites which sell the gold and other in game items?


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