A Genderless Baby

Toronto residents, Kathy Witterick and David Stocker recently added a third baby to their family. The child is healthy and the birth went without a hitch. Witterick and Stocker were of course very excited to tell their friends and family about their newest addition, but they purposely left out an important detail about the baby; its gender.

The couple prides themselves in unorthodox parenting techniques. Kio and Jazz (5 years, 2 years), the family’s other two sons are home schooled (go figure). The “unschooling” method that the parents use, puts the children’s curiosities at the center of their education. At that age, the thing I was most curious about was what will happen when I get to the next castle in Super Mario 3. Kio and Jazz are frequently mistaken for girls because of their long hair an the clothing they wear. Stocker and Witterick let them pick out their clothing regardless of it coming from the boys or girls section of the store.

Stocker, an alternative school teacher, explains that, “…parents make too many choices for their children. It’s obnoxious”. Witterick says she came to the decision of raising a Genderless baby after reading a book called X: A Fabulous Child Story.. The novel chronicles the life of a baby raised with no gender who grows up to be happy and well adjusted individual. “It became so compelling,” she exclaims, “How could we not?”

After reading about the family I couldn’t stop thinking about the Adam Sandler movie Big Daddy. Sonny Koufax uses techniques similar to unschooling and everything is going great until little Julienne starts urinating in the trees planted on his classroom.

I feel bad for these kids. I don’t doubt that their parents love and care about them, but I think the way they are raising their kids is selfish. They have no idea how confused these kids are going to be growing up. When it comes time for them to leave the house and they are no longer able to be home schooled they will be so socially awkward and will be a target for torment amongst their peers.

Parents making decisions for their kids isn’t obnoxious, it’s parenting. Plain and simple, parents need to make decisions for their kids because they don’t know the difference between right and wrong. As for Witterick and her basing this decision off of a book she read I want her to open a dictionary, turn the the “F” section and find “Fiction”. She will find something along the lines of, “A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination, and is not necessarily based on fact.”. To put is succinctly, NOT REAL.

For the sake of the children I truly hope these two reevaluate their position and change their outlook on raising their kids.


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