Who’s Afraid of a Little Volcano?

In a stroke of pure genius, the airline experts in Europe seem to have averted true disaster. I think nearly everyone can recall what happened the last time a volcano in Iceland erupted and airline trafficwas stalled for weeks, costing companies millions, all in an effort to save lives. People were angry, flights were left unfulfilled, and the unluckiest of passengers were forced to stay in countries like France for weeks….yikes.
So, to avert all the same concerns, airline experts are saying that they have far different plans for dealing with the latest volcanic ash cloud threatening to spread across the European continent. This time, instead of dealing with those pesky rules that were enacted to protect the lives of fliers, the airline companies are simply making new rules for flying when it comes to clouds of volcanic ash circling their airports.
Great move guys, can’t wait to see how this pans out for you. But to passengers looking to travel to Europe in the next few weeks, keep your eyes peeled on the weather reports. Apparently to the execs of Europe’s largest airlines, your safety isn’t their biggest concern, they just don’t want to hear you complain about it when you’re stuck at their airports with no accommodations for days. Good thing they’re looking out for your true desires. Safety be damned, I’m sure you’ll all make it back home okay, though, after all if a plane can’t fly through acres of saturated volcanic ash it definitely shouldn’t be your first choice anyway right?

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