In a study published in Forbes Magazine recently, the unthinkable happened. Their analysts, specially picked because of their immense prowess in evaluating the “celebrity power levels” of the biggest names in entertainment, took a step toward digging their own graves when they announced that Oprah had lost her footing as the most powerful celebrity in the world.
Shocked barely seems to cover the experience that I’m sure most readers of Forbes were met with when they breezed by the article to focus on more important articles about actual money, but still it’s worth mentioning because it largely symbolizes what America already knew.
I’m not taking a shot at Oprah here intentionally, but c’mon really? She’s getting up there in age, her show is ending, and short of her public appearances in which thousands wait in line just to see her on stage, who is her target audience anymore? I’d say women in their late 30’s to 40’s, much like Martha Stewart, and to me that doesn’t symbolize power, even if you do own your own television network (and a struggling one at that).
It makes more sense when its revealed that Lady Gaga dethroned Oprah. To me this makes sense. After all, Gaga is younger, more appealing to a larger audience of freaks and manages to keep producing auto-tuned smashes that continue to blow up today’s pop charts. So while I don’t think they’ll actually get in the boxing ring and duke it out anytime soon, it’s good fun for everyone when the likes of Gaga and Oprah clash, even if it’s only in the fantasy world of celebrity power rankings. No matter what, it sure makes for a funny image in my mind.

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