Pump the Breaks Apple!

While I have all the gadgets and would have said nothing wrong about Apple if asked 24 hours ago, I recently made a discovery that really defrosts my refrigerator, if you get what I mean. Apple has recently decided that with their newest upgrade of iTunes, certain consumers will be left in the dark…or at least without sound.
Older computers (and I say this indicating that I mean computers only a few years old) as well as many of Apple’s iPods will no longer work with the newest iTunes download, so consumers beware. I think I speak for all of us who bought products earlier and have appreciated the fact that they’ve lasted to long by saying, “What gives Apple?”
I mean where’s the appreciation for customer loyalty here? I spent my money way back when on your products so that I’d be able to use them for years and not have to upgrade every time a new version of something came about and now you pull this on me, huh? Shame on you guys.
To make matters worse, a PC that runs Windows can still download the software, even if it’s ten years old. I’m not saying I’ll never buy from Apple again, the products are just too awesome, but c’mon show your real consumers a little more appreciation and keep our older gadgets viable so you don’t alienate those of us who can’t afford to spring for a new iPod, iPhone, iPad or Macbook every time you release it. You know it’s the right move, and that our loyalty to defending you before you were the “hip” brand deserves it.

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